Darkglass Alpha Omega 200

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Darkglass Alpha Omega 200

NEW: Darkglass Microtubes 200 and Alpha Omega 200

Obsession with HEADROOM. Fixation on PORTABILITY.

We are thrilled to introduce The Darkglass Microtubes 200 and Alpha Omega 200! The new Microtubes 200 and Alpha Omega 200 are slimmer and lighter than ever. Enclosed in a robust and intuitive body, the two new additions to the Darkglass amplifier series are proudly unveiled.

With the legendary built-in distortion engines on board and a 200 Watt amplifier, these heads pack the essentials for achieving excellent sound and exceptional power. The compactness and lightweight make them flawless and convenient for rehearsals and live gigs, while an EQ section enhances the definition and clarity of sound across the spectrum.

Packed with Aux-in and headphone output for quiet practicing and an intuitive push potentiometer for the mute and master control. Post-EQ balanced XLR DI output with switchable ground lift making these amps reliable for all sorts of musicians with an ample array of possibilities.

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Alpha Omega 200