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A crafted tool to expand musicians reachAn Element to handle the very core task of every musician.With a uniquely innovative approach, the Element comes totackle in one device an immensely practical tool to empowerplayers.Inspired by the touch sensor technology used in our HyperLuminal·Compressor, this non-conventional device it’s nowcompletely minimalistic with a plain surface and zero knobs.Using three fully-tactile slider potentiometers with positioningLED’s that render it appealing and extremely intuitive to use.One comprehensive device, that out of the box offers a bank of 5cabinet simulations, and the ability to add many more throughthe Darkglass Suite. With Bluetooth technology to listen to backin tracks while playing, rehearsing, or studying. Two headphoneoutputs to allow interaction within players and XLR output toconnect to a microphone preamp, PA system, etc.Fully compatible with bass guitars, guitars, or any kind ofinstrument, this headphone amplifier comes as a reward to ateam that pushed technology and knowledge further. Thought bymusicians for musicians, during these special circumstances,where we all need to stay safe at home…making music!

Technical Specifications
Instrument / line / amp input
Attenuation: 0dB, -12dB, -30dB
Max. 900W amplifier can be connected to input (with external
Input impedance: 2 Mohm, 18 kohm, 12 kohm
Parallel output: A passive output for speaker connection when
using Element with an amplifier.
Aux In: 3.5mm stereo input allows you to practice with backing
tracks from e.g. your smartphone, mixer or keyboard.
Bluetooth: Stereo audio (A2DP). Impulse loading via Bluetooth
with Darkglass Suite.
XLR output: Balanced XLR output for connecting the pedal to a
microphone preamp, PA system etc.
Dynamic range: 105dB (A-weighted) / Sample rate: 48kHz
Resolution: 24 bit conversion / Latency: 2.2 ms
Impulse response: Five impulse slots and a bypass setting.
Headphones: Two stereo outputs with individual volume
USB: A Micro USB C connector allows you to connect the pedal
to PC/Mac to load cabinet simulation impulse responses to the
pedal and control various other settings.
Supply voltage: 9V – 12V DC, center negative
Current consumption: 250mA

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