Darkglass Microtubes Infinity

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Microtubes Infinity / Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro
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Often, we find ourselves asking identical questions. What
distinguishes a pedal, amp, or accessory as essential? If we get
to choose only one piece of gear to take on tour: how would we
want it to be?

This pedal is a response to our one quest, stapling what it takes
to make professional gear by our standards: A vast canvas on
which any musician can reveal their utmost potential. Meant for
those who care about quality, versatility, and a robust proposition.
Without concessions or shortcuts.

The Microtubes Infinity shares the footmark of our programmable
line, packed with our three legendary Microtubes distortions:
B3K, Vintage, and X. Moreover, it allows multiband compression
on every mode, blending Impulse responses between distortions
while adding extra controls via the Darkglass suite for an endless
number of features: An infinity of possibilities

· Audio inputs
· Instrument (1/4” mono)
· Aux in (1/8” stereo)
· Audio outputs
· Two Balanced 1/4” (Left & Right)
· Headphone out (1/8“ stereo)
· Other I/O
· USB-C (Audio interface and added control via Darkglass
· MIDI IN (1/8”)
· 9VDC input (center negative 2.1/5.5 mm)
· Bluetooth (Bluetooth audio in and added control via
Darkglass Suite mobile app)

· 5 potentiometers
· Compression · Drive · Alpha·Omega Distortion · Blend · Level
· 6-band graphic equalizer (touch sensitive sliders)
· 3 multi-function switches (push/rotate)
-∞ (Negative Infinity) / Compressor mode (5 modes + bypass)
0 (Zero) / Distortion mode (5 modes + bypass)
+∞ (Positive Infinity) / Cabinet simulation (5 Impulse
Responses + bypass))
· Headphone volume (mini potentiometer)

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Microtubes Infinity