Del-Tone 60s S-Style – 3-Tone Sunburst

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Del-Tone 60s S-Style – 3-Tone Sunburst


Body:Alder 2-Piece
Finish: Nitro cellulose
Neck:Maple with Rosewood fretboard
Pickups:Apollo Pickups 60’s S-Style
Color:3-Tone Sunburst
Weight: 3.6kg

Incl. Gator Hardcase

Del-Tone guitars are build by Alvaro den Hartog and Vincent Sibum. We specialise in building vintage styled and custom guitars and basses. Hard working and traditional skills form the basis of our company. Our guitars are defined by great craftsmanship and the use of the finest materials. We build instruments of boutique quality that sell for reasonable musician’s prices. All our guitars are build in our workshop in Alkmaar, The Netherlands.

Alvaro den Hartog (Sao Paulo, Brazil 1989) has been working as a guitar builder for over the last ten years, both in his native country Brazil as in The Netherlands. He is known for his friendly, hard-working perfectionism. Alvaro specialises in woodwork, painting, aging and setups.

Vincent Sibum (Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1989) studied guitar at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and played in lots and lots of bands. He has been winding guitar pickups for years and started his own brand Apollo Pickups in 2018. Vincent specialises in woodwork, pickups and quality control.

Apollo Pickups



Our mission is to create the highest quality guitar pickups to make your sonic dreams come true. To achieve this, we build our pickups completely by hand, using only the best materials we can possibly find. We combine old scool craftmanship with contemporary precision in production techniques. This ensures great sounding pickups that are build to last.


Our pickups are handbuild and handwound, right here in The Netherlands. We don’t outsource and we only use the highest-quality components. All our new pickup models are road tested by professional musicians before put in production. Just like you, we are musicians and we take sound seriously.

Apollo Pickups look like they’ve been around forever. They sound ‘vintage’, but they’re not plain reproductions of original models. We studied the original models and then redesigned these. We search for new combinations in magnet types and strenght, wire thickness, wire insulation and the amount of turns of wire on a coil. Al these variables greatly influence the sound of a guitar pickup. And many, many combinations still haven’t been made to this day. This enables us to continue to look for new sonic oppertunities. We believe that the best has yet to come.


-Apollo Pickups uses nothing but the best materials
-Our pickups are handbuild and handwound in The Netherlands
-We are musicians, just like you
-We have excellent customer service
-We give a 5-year warranty on all our pickups


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