Dingwall John Taylor Signature 5-string – Primrose(Pre-Order)

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Dingwall John Taylor Signature 5-string – Primrose(Pre-Order)

ETA 21 april 2024

The John Taylor Signature model follows the formula of the limited edition Rio Dream Bass, barring a few design tweaks and the Metallic Black, Primrose and Seafoam Green finishes, as well as a new 5-string variant.

On top of stunning looks and flawless construction, each bass offers wonderful playability and tones that display a rare clarity and refinement. “John’s bass playing with Duran Duran really imprinted on me how a bass should fit into a band mix,” says Sheldon Dingwall. “His basslines have always had a special combination of energy and elegance.”


Like the Rio Dream Bass, the JT Signature has been configured to Taylor’s own personal specifications. “It all started when I was in Toronto about five years ago,” says Taylor. “A friend showed me a Dingwall bass on his phone. I loved how it looked and immediately said to my tech, ‘You’ve got to reach out to these guys!’”

As well as the ‘Rio Eye’ inlaid at the 12th fret, other specs include a lightweight Nyatoh body, a bolt-on Maple neck and a Pau Ferro multi-scale fingerboard. The headstock sports a “Rio-inspired” graphic which complements the body stripes, designed by longtime Duran Duran collaborator, Patty Palazzo. The customary Dingwall fanned-fret system facilitates the most appropriate scale length for each individual string. It’s a concept that’s applied across the entire Dingwall range.

“This arrangement varies the strings’ scale length, meaning that the low B string benefits from maximum tension and feels great to play, with none of the dull-sounding flopping around that you get from a regular-scale 5-string.” Bass Player Magazine


The three Dingwall neodymium pickups are wired to a Quad-Tone pickup selector, a master volume, master tone and a 2-band active EQ that’s powered by a top-quality Rupert Neve Designs preamp. “Duran’s breakthrough single, the title track from 1982’s Rio, was originally recorded on a Neve console, so the history was already there,” says Sheldon. “But the team at Rupert Neve Designs absolutely nailed the tone.”

The master tone control will serve perfectly well if you’re in passive mode, but if you’re interested in Taylor’s tones you’ll stay in active mode, where the two-band boost and cut gives you an abundance of sonic options.


The JT Signature is fitted with an equally impressive accompaniment of hardware, including lightweight tuners and Dingwall’s ‘Minimalist’ bridge. Once you discover that the magnetic battery cover on the rear flips on and off with zero effort, you’ll wonder how you ever had the patience to unscrew the compartment cover on your old instruments.

“We’ve been Dingwall fans since day one. They’re the Ferrari of bass guitars, with state-of-the-art science behind them that actually benefits players. This is a bass that you’ll genuinely cherish for decades.” Bass Player Magazine


Dingwall strings have been meticulously tested to maximize performance and deliver a tone that blends effortlessly with any style of music. We were the first company to design strings specifically for multi-scale instruments. Available in both nickel and stainless steel, our strings provide an even tension for optimal balance, letting you experience the warmest highs and the tightest lows possible.

Note: Basses are shipped with Dingwall Nickel Strings.


Made in:China/Canada (Hybrid Manufacturing)
Neck:5-Piece Maple, bolt-on.
Fingerboard:Pau Ferro, 24 ‘banjo-sized’ frets, 9.45-inch radius
Scale Length:5-String: 37” –34” (940mm –864mm)
Pickups:Dingwall FD3n, Neodymium Magnets
Preamp:Rupert Neve Designs 2-Band EQ.
Controls:Master volume, 4-Position Quad-Tone pickup selector, 2-Band Active EQ,
Active/Passive Toggle Switch
Bridge:Dingwall ‘Minimalist’ one-piece bridge
String Spacing at the Bridge:18mm (5-string)
Quad Tone Pickup Selector::Position 1: Bridge, Position 2: Bridge & Middle (MM-style)
Bridge & Neck (J-style), Position 4: Neck
Tuners:Lightweight, open-gear
Nut:Graphtech Black Tusq
Case:Dingwall Padded Gigbag Included

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John Taylor Signature 5-string




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