Eventide Rose Delay Pedal

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Eventide Rose Delay Pedal

An unexplored garden of innovations for musicians will soon be available from Eventide’s newest creation – The Rose: a cascading bouquet of sounds in a sleek, stripped-down, small footprint effects pedal. The Rose project began several years ago and was rooted in the desire to invent a new line of unique effects by carefully grafting digital delay into an analog platform. Our mission was to cultivate a modulated delay that would feel not only “as analog as possible” but also be exquisite and precise. We trusted that this research would yield a genesis of products that sound and behave differently than modern DSP-based effects. Rose is the culmination of this vanguard research.

Eventide’s Rose is rare and vibrant, unleashing a palette of sounds and textures unattainable by solely digital means. With six tactile knobs, a delay multiplier button, phase invert/reverse playback button and a shape button offering five different modulation sources, Rose inspires petals of creativity to bloom. Rose also features five presets, MIDI control and a fully assignable aux switch/expression pedal input for the ultimate in flexible versatility, on stage or in the studio. Do you have what it takes to tame this wild Rose? Plug in and experience botanical bliss!


– 6 tactile knobs (mix, feedback, depth, delay, filter, rate)
– Invert phase and reverse delay
– Delay Multiplier
– Assignable Hot switch: (tap tempo, delay repeat, mod hold, mod reset, A/B)
– 5 Factory Presets
– Modulation (sine, square, random)
– Analog Low Pass Filter
– Expression / Auxiliary / Midi TRS input
– Three different bypass types: Buffered, Relay, Kill Input
– Accepts Line or Instrument Levels
– Can be modulated over a range from ~200kHz for maximum fidelity with up to 10 seconds of delay, down to ~8kHz for 50 seconds of delay

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Rose Delay Pedal



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