Hotone Soul Press II Pedal

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Hotone Soul Press II Pedal

Soul Press II is a next-gen product in the Hotone Press series pedal line. It’s new-designed upgrade is based on the popular concepts of both the Soul Press and Vow Press. It integrates up to four function modes (volume, wah, volume/wah, expression), taking playability to new heights. The pedal position indicator shows the pedal position in real time. The TONE mode selection and Q value adjustment represent an absolute improvement in tone and functionality. Multiple I/O options provide more diverse access. The reimagined pedal size maintains portability while delivering an optimal ergonomic experience. Soul Press II is a truly versatile wah pedal.

Active volume design guarantees lossless sound
The newly-designed active volume circuit keeps you free of dreaded “tone suck”
Internal structure upgrade
Through internal structural optimization, we improved the circuit structure stability, greatly reducing noise interference caused by intense
4 function modes
Up to 4 modes (volume, wah, volume/wah, expression)
Q (effect range) and TONE (frequency range) adjustments
Q and TONE adjustments give you a wider tone selection, from soothing moods to a wild roars, all the emotion available in one pedal
Multiple I/O options enhance playability
Additional independent expression pedal output lets you control the parameters of other effects in real time; the external tuner jack moves your tuner outside of the effect chain, removing unnecessary sound contamination
Clear STATUS indicator
The adjustable mode treadle STATUS indicator shows the pedal position in real time

Dimensions: 81mm(W)×162mm(D)×51mm(H


✪ True Bypass
✪ Increased footprint for a better user experience
✪ Cool STATUS LEDs with mode switch indicate pedal position in real time
✪ 4 in 1 functionality (volume, expression, wah, volume/wah)
✪ Inspired by the legendary vocal-like wah sound
✪ Q (wah filter range) and WARM/CLASSIC (frequency range) controls for a more flexible wah tone
✪ Active volume design for keeping lossless tone
✪ Separate tuner and expression outputs for more connection possibilities
✪ 9V DC or 9V battery power supply


-Pot Resistance (EXP out):10kΩ
-Input Impedance:1MΩ
-Output Impedance:100Ω
-Wah Range Selector:WARM—290Hz to 1.4kHz, CLASSIC—360Hz to 1.8kHz
-Current Consumption:Max 30mA
-Dimensions:81mm (W) x 162mm (D) x 51mm (H)

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Soul Press II Pedal