Ibanez RGD61ALA Axion Label

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The Legendary Axion Label

Leaving a powerful legacy. The Axion Label models make up Ibanez’s series of ultra-muscular guitars designed to withstand the heaviest playing you can muster, as well as making your licks sound truly legendary. Aimed at metal guitarists but also containing features which would make any musician’s jaw drop, they excel in playability and tone. Providing everything a modern guitarist could ever want from their axe, you’re sure to find these instruments to be outstanding.

Spread your influence

Groundbreaking. Fishman Fluence pickups provide a universe of tones for you to play with. Renowned for having multiple voicings – including active and passive – they’ll bring your licks to life with their supreme articulation and powerful technology. Using push-pull pots, you can switch between humbucker and single coil sounds, giving you total versatility in your tone.

With the active voicing, you’ll get that super high output, aggressive sound which is as crystal clear as it is tight. Cleans will be bright and defined, whilst high gain settings will roar thunderously with savage bite. The passive voicing offers its own unique tone, giving riffs that classic, dynamic well-rounded voice which powers through the mix. Both rhythm and lead licks will have everything they need to truly shine – you’re in for a treat.

Lightning fast Nitro Wizard neck

As fast as it sounds – it’s sleek, expertly crafted, and ready for action. The sweet Nitro Wizard neck offers you unparalleled effectiveness when it comes to playing. Built for speed and accuracy, you’ll find shredding to be easy on this machine. It has a bright, snappy tonal response whenever you hit the strings, helping to give your notes sharper definition. You’ll be unstoppable.

Locked and loaded with Gotoh

Tuning issues? What tuning issues? Gotoh locking tuners keep your strings in a vice grip, so they stay ultra-stable and rarely go out of tune. And they make string changes much faster (let’s face it, changing strings can be a painful experience). They’re simply superior. And they ensure that this guitar is equipped for every performance.


  • Model Name: Ibanez RGD61ALPA Axion Label, Midnight Tropical Rainforest
  • Product Code: RGD61ALA-MTR

Neck and Fingerboard

  • Neck Type: Nitro Wizard

Hardware and Electronics

  • Neck Pickup: Fishman Fluence
  • Bridge Pickup: Fishman Fluence
  • Tuning Machines: Gotoh Locking

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RGD61ALA-MTR Axion Label






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