Lava Music Blue Original “36 Freeboost – White

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Lava Music Blue Original “36 Freeboost – White

LAVA MUSIC Blue Lava Original “36 with Lite Bag Frost White compact acoustic/electric guitar is designed to be eco-friendly while offering you the potential to create something truly awesome. A great deal for travelling musicians and beginners.

The design in Blue Lava enhances vibrations of the guitar top, back, side, and neck, delivering full and balanced tones. The reinforced internal structure extends low frequency vibration towards the end of the soundbox and makes broader space for high frequency vibration around the soundhole.
Wood is replaced with recyclable HPL to reduce deforestation and manufactured our products through automatic production lines to prevent industrial waste. This makes BLUE LAVA friendly to the environment while maintaining high performance.
HPL adapts to changes in temperature from -4° to 122° and humidity from 10% to 90%. It is lightweight, sturdy, weatherproof, and easy to maintain.

The Freeboost system allows the back of the guitar to be utilised as a speaker.
Turn on the pickup anywhere, anytime and play freely with built in REVERB, DELAY and CHORUS, all without the need for any cables or an amp.

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Blue Original "36 Freeboost