Lava Music ME 2 – FreeBoost – Pink

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Acoustic guitar reimagined. Lightweight. Weatherproof.

In 2017, LAVA has invented the world’s first unibody injection moulded carbon fiber guitar LAVA ME. It has completely changed the way people think of a guitar, including its design & manufacturing.

LAVA devoted itself to create the most innovative instruments by combining new material technology, acoustic design and automative manufacturing, to empower the future generations to create & express more. The shapes feel softer. The screws on the machine heads have disappeared. The sound hole shape has been redesigned.In fact any single part of the LAVA instruments is custom designed & made, even the parts on the inside.

Future Evolution

We believe the future of the guitar can be better than the past. They should be lighter, more durable and easier to play, giving you more of what matters the most – Great Sound, without fear of climate change. This belief finally came true with the introduction of the LAVA ME 2.

The Plek PRO machine is the most advanced guitar fret machining system on the planet. Designed to ensure the best string action available, this state of the art process removes any potential intonation issues and allows the LAVA ME 2 to have an advanced level of playability and sound quality straight out of the box. After simultaneously scanning the surface of the fretboard whilst simulating the strings tension, it then cuts the frets with an accuracy of 0.01mm. Plek Pro’s high accuracy cutting assists the LAVA ME 2 in achieving it’s exceptional tone and comfortable playing position.

The all new technology on the L2 preamp allows the back of the guitar to be utilised as a speaker. Turn on the preamp anywhere, anytime and play freely with built in Reverb, Delay and Chorus, all without the need for any cables or an amp.

The L2 preamp now utilises a percussive sound receiving mic. It enhances and embellishes the percussive sounds created, with or without plugging in.

The size of Ideal Bag 2 is now 20% smaller than the first generation. The inside of the Ideal Bag 2 fits the LAVA ME 2 seamlessly, ensuring the safety & stability of the guitar at all times and is included with every purchase of the LAVA ME 2

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ME 2 – FreeBoost



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