Lava Music Ukulele – 26″ Concert – FreeBoost – Red

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Acoustic guitar reimagined. Lightweight. Weatherproof.

In 2017, LAVA has invented the world’s first unibody injection moulded carbon fiber guitar LAVA ME. It has completely changed the way people think of a guitar, including its design & manufacturing.

LAVA devoted itself to create the most innovative instruments by combining new material technology, acoustic design and automative manufacturing, to empower the future generations to create & express more. The shapes feel softer. The screws on the machine heads have disappeared. The sound hole shape has been redesigned.In fact any single part of the LAVA instruments is custom designed & made, even the parts on the inside.

The L2 mini preamp designed by LAVA MUSIC and Double Acoustics, enables you to play with superior sound quality and built in effects like Reverb, Delay and Chorus, with or without plugging in.

The L2 mini preamp has been reduced to half the size of the original L2 preamp but with all the same features.

Built in FreeBoost™ technology allows you to play effects without plugging in, producing a more natural sound via the internal mic.

FreeBoost™ technology uses the back of the LAVA U as a speaker. Turn it on with just one finger, to enrich your tone with built-in Delay, Reverb and Chorus, all without even plugging in.

Comes with the space case.

Colors & Finishes
Sparkle Red / Sparkle Pink / Sparkle Purple / Sparkle Black / Sparkle Blue / Sparkle Gold

Soundboard material / Body material
AirSonic™ carbon fiber Composite

Crystal Strings designed by LAVA MUSIC

The screwless machine head designed by LAVA MUSIC

LAVA U exclusive tutorial and USB Charging Cable

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U 26" Concert – FreeBoost



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