Mayones Viking 5 VF – Dirty Black Ash Horizon

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Body: Profiled Swamp Ash / Wenge Middle
Top: Selected Ash
Neck heel: Special contoured for easy upper frets access
Unique Features: Curved and carved body shape
Construction: Neck thru body
Neck: 5-ply Wenge-Maple with 2 grapite rods
Fingerboard: Ebony
Neck dimensions:
Width at nut – 47.0 mm
Width XII fret – 65.0 mm
Width XXIV fret – 74.0 mm
Thickness I fret – 21.0 mm
Thickness XII fret – 23.0 mm
Frets: 24 jumbo, Ferd Wagner 9665, 18% N/S Hard, Crown dimensions: 2.64 × 1.20 mm (w × h)
Nut: Ebony nut
Scale: V•Frets Bass Multiscale 32.25″ – 34.25″ (820 – 870 mm)
Radius: 20″ (190.5 mm)
Markers & Inlays: Plain, no markers + side dots
Truss rod: Double action truss rod
Headstock: Angled, topped with chosen body wood and body matching finish
Tuners layout: 3+2
Pickups / Electronics: H-H / Aguilar DCB™ Dual Ceramic Bar Soapbar pickups, Aguilar OBD-3 Active Preamp
(Other brands / electronics on request!!)
Control: 1 × Volume, 1x Balance, 1 × Treble/Bass (stack), 1 × PassiveTone, 1 × Active/Passive miniswitch
Knobs: Standard Metal Dome, other on request
Bridge: ABM 3710 – Individual Bass Bridge Elements, string-to-string spacing: 19 mm
Strings: SIT Bass – NR45125 Nickel [5-string]
Tuners: Schaller M4
Additional equipment: Schaller Security Straplocks, Switchcraft jack, seperate 9V battery compartment
Hardware colour: Black
Bag / case: Mayones Hiscox Bass hardcase  

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Viking 5 VF




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