MiSi Acoustic Trio – Recharcheable Acoustic Preamp

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Mi-Si Electronics Design, Inc.(pronounced “My-Sigh”) was foundedin 2004 by a team of engineers with more than25 years of experience in the amplification field,developing revolutionary electronics specificallydesigned for acoustic amplification.

Mi-Si introduced a truly significant and uniquebreakthrough: a high-performance, fully activepreamp that does NOT REQUIRE BATTERIES.A special blend of new energy sources and ourability to design compact and efficient circuits makeour battery-free products a reality. To enjoy the benefitsof this battery-free technology all you have to do is powerup for 60 seconds for a full 8 hours of performance timeor 16 hours when using the Trio and Simple Jack.

The Mi-Si AcousticTrio System featuresan active, battery-freepreamp designedspecifically to workwith the L.R. Baggsundersaddle Elementacoustic guitar pickup.The preamp for thissystem uses Mi-Si’scustom piezolinearization scheme,allowing for the mosttruthful and accuratesound from the pickup.All you have to dois power up for60 seconds using theMi-Si Power Charger,providing you withup to 16 hoursof performance time.

This simple and compactmodel, a high-impedancebuffer incorporated intothe guitar’s endpin jack,also features Mi-Si’srevolutionary battery-freetechnology.

Power up for 60seconds and you arefree to play for anincredible 16 hours!
The Simple Jack takesthe concept of highlyefficient design to thenext level and willwork with any piezoundersaddle pickup.

Input Impedance: 20 M0hm
Output Impedance: 1 k0hm
Gain: 7 dB

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Acoustic Trio


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