Ormsby Goliath 6 GTR – Tuxedo Black

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Ormsby Run14


We are proudto offer the following instruments for Ormsby GTR Production Run 14 of the GTRSeries: Goliath GTR and Shark Limited

Back, duepopular demand, we have 4 new colors for the Goliaths, including two with goldhardware. And following the great success of the Sharks, Ormsby decided torelease two new colors with the Goliath shape, this time with a black limbabody. Awesome isn’t?


There are nointerest charges for payment plans. If you like this guitar but want to do areservation for € 250,- ? Just throw a PM. I can make a listing or use thisone.

If forwhatever reason, you don’t have enough funds to do the final payment;when theguitar is finished; again just let us kjnow. We can hold your instrument for afew weeks. Maybe 1-2 month, that is okay.


Ordered theBon Bon Goliath 7, but you made the mistake of your life… and after all youlike the 8 string Deep Sea? Just let me know. If I CAN I’ll help! Yes we areflexible 🙂

Other tuning& string gauge? Well, no problem. Overseas shipping? Yes it’s all wellpacked. we’re experienced!




The Ormsby GuitarsGoliath Headless GTR is our production version of the Goliath made in our Australiancustom shop. It made its official debut at winter NAMM 2017 with an astoundingreception by various players from around the world. The Goliath Headless GTRrepresents the latest in ergonomic multiscale guitars.

The Goliath GTR features a unique headless stock piece that reduces the weightand size of the guitar dramatically when compared to more traditional guitarsand is tuned at the bridge. The Goliath utilizes an easy access bolt-on neckconstruction that   gives the player full control over its 24stainless steel frets, and a beautifully balanced D shape with roundshoulders provides just the right feel and ‘meat’ to the neck.

Multiscale is a standard feature of the Goliath GTR and helps to complete theergonomic benefits of the guitar as a whole. Every Goliath Headless GTRcomes with a custom fitted gig bag that is compact, functional and mostimportantly durable.

Available in 6, 7, and 8 strings.

As with all our GTR models, the Goliath utilises our custom designed pickups toproduce a variety of tones that allow your guitar, effects, and amp to functionin unison and retain their individual characteristics. This guitar can go fromthe cleanest cleans to the heaviest of metals (or djents!) with plenty of tonesin between thanks to its coil-splitting options. For even the most avidtone chasers who demand versatility from their instruments, the Hot Rock A8 andConcordia A5 humbucking pickups have been designed with coil splitfunctionality in mind for extra tonal variety.

As with all our guitars, custom hardware is used for our bridge, locking nut,and control knobs, so you’ll stay blissfully in tune.

As with all GTR models, these instruments are built in partnership with ourfriends at World Musical Instrument Co. S. Korea.

Goliath Run 14 Specifications


Scale length details:
Six string: 25.5 – 27.5″
Seven string: 25.5 – 27.8″
Eight string: 25.5 – 28.2″

Body dimensions (thickness): 38mm Goliath GTR. For comparison, Jacksons, IbanezRG, Fender Strats, etc are generally 47mm.

Neck shape: 19.6 @ 1st – 21 @ 17th revised D shape, D shape with roundshoulders. AKA “thin U”
Custom bridge and locking nut, made to our specifications. Our own controlknobs with rubber rings.

Our own Hot Rock A8 Humbucker  features pride of place in the bridgeposition, with a Concordia A5 humbucker in the neck. Both of these pickups aremade to our own specifications by our partners in Korea. 500k pots for volumeand tone, and a 5 way blade switch.

All finishes are GLOSS bodies with SATIN lacquer necks.


A fine gig-bag, good setup, double check, some TLC love and asmall surprise from @Zjon’s Guitarstore 😊 !



Goliath GTR MULTISCALE – Ermine White or TuxedoBlack with gold hardware

BODY: Swamp Ash, chambered for tone and weight reduction
NECK: LaminatedRock Maple, bolt on
NECK SHAPE: 19.6@ 1st – 21 @ 17th revised D shape
FRETWIRE: JumboStainless Steel
INLAY: Zpattern dots, plus Ormsby at 12th
SIDE DOTS: Luminlay
BRIDGE + HEAD UNIT: CustomOrmsby headless bridge and locking head piece
ELECTRONICS: 500kVolume, 500k Tone, 5 way blade switch
PICKUPS: HotRock A8 Bridge humbucker, Concordia A5 Neck humbucker
FINISH: Gloss(satin neck finish)


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