Ormsby Metal X 7 Flame Top Exotic Floyd Equipped - Grold

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Reservation for the Ormsby Floyd Rose Equipped Metal 7 – Run 11 – ( 6 string shown )

Approximate ETA of factory production: December 2019
Approximate ETA of shipping to clients: February 2020
The shipping discount orders close: August 29th 2019 

Not sure about the color? We’ll order spares. If we can we can switch the color / strings for free.

This listing gives you the opportunity to make one payment right now € 1445,- (outside EU) / € 1749,- (in EU) and when the guitars are ready to ship you’ll get it ASAP.
The full pre payment gives you a discount or even free shipping!

Other payment plan in mind? Just let me know.

Let us know the tuning, gauge and setup preferences and we’ll do all that extra service.

Metal V and X:

Six string: 25.5″ scale length
Seven string: 26.2″ scale length
Body dimensions (thickness): 44mm. For comparison, Jacksons, Ibanez RG, Fender Strats, etc are generally 47mm.
Neck shape: 19.0mm @ 1st, 21 @ 17th, D shape with round shoulders. AKA “thin U”

Due to the increased scale length on the bass side, the tension of the strings increases. We recommend you try dropping a gauge on the bottom end, for example, if you usually use 9-46’s, try 9-42’s.

Floyd Rose Special double locking bridges for Metal V and X, our own custom made bridges for HypeGTR, locking tuners, and O-ring knobs fitted to the pots allow for a nice grip if you get all sweaty on stage 🙂

Our new Blizzard model Humbucker (14k approximate DC resistance) features pride of place in the bridge position, with a Concordia A5 (8.2k approximate DC resistance) in the neck. Both of these pickups are made to our own specifications by our partners in Korea. 500k pots for volume, a 3 way toggle, and 500k push/pull tone pot for coil splitting. Bone nut.

See below for full details. All models are GLOSS finish, with satin necks.

BODY: Swamp Ash, with a Premium Flame Maple veneer top
NECK: Laminated Rock Maple, set neck
NECK SHAPE: 19.0 @ 1st – 21 @ 17th revised D shape
FRETWIRE: Jumbo Stainless Steel
INLAY: Pearl dots, Z pattern
SIDE DOTS: Glow in the dark
BRIDGE + MACHINEHEADS: Floyd Rose Special bridge and locking tuners
ELECTRONICS: 500k Volume, 500k Tone with Push/Pull + 3 way toggle switch
PICKUPS: Bizzard Ceramic Bridge humbucker, Concordia A5 Neck humbucker
FINISH: Gloss (satin neck finish)
OTHER: Hardcase (ply construction with vinyl outer)

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Floyd Equipped Metal X 6




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