Swart MOD84 Western Celestion Blue Alnico

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Swart MOD84 Western Celestion Blue Alnico

Used in excellent condition

*Celestion Alnico Blue Speakers
+Custom Swart Designed LED Footswitch
+Night Light JR Attenuator

MOD 84!
Swart’s First
EL-84 Offering =

15w Push-Pull w/Tube Rectification ~ Nails IT!

And now for something different… Swart using the 6BQ5? Well, we wanted to shift the paradigm and leave our favorite 6V6 for the the veritable EL-84, actually an early favorite of ours and still one today(especially now). Indeed, everything has a beginning and this hail to the EL-84 started years ago as a one of a kind, über cool suitcase amp, an amp we still power up with a grin to this day, and an amp in use BEFORE the seminal Space Tone 6V6se. Michael loved that suitcase enough to make it live on in sonic suitcase heaven, socks replaced with hand laid wire, irons, and tubes. While finding a suitcase for every tone junkie seemed daunting, a cool pine cab combo covered in vintage style tolex seemed a logical way out. Enter the all-new MOD 84….

While the MOD 84 had its beginnings within that cool, yet humble, suitcase, it’s morphed into something far more. This is the new shop favorite and just such a blast to play! The MOD 84 is a strong 15wpc, powered by two EL-84 with 12AX7 first stage and our favorite 12DW7 for that great Swart reverb. Once again, Michael employs a very simple tone cut that follows our less is more for lower wattage amplifiers. And our new 3 way interactive EQ switch gives the user subtle yet defined control with three settings that actually interacts with the volume and attack. Add in the excellent Swart tube tremolo stage along with our favorite tube rectification, and you have a legitimate rival to the AST but with that bit of EL-84 take.

Ok, so what does it REALLY sound like? The MOD84 has some of the best composed, yet soulful, cleans we’ve seen in our shop but with the ability to intertwine some fur and angst with some push and attack. It’s got that Swart harmonic richness while still being open and transparent with that great Swart touch sensitivity. This is really a do it all amp that can cross many musical genres. It’s literally been a hit with everyone that tries it and it almost defies a pat description as it sounds quite different from the “stock” EL-84 stereotype, almost mixing a bit of American and British into something truly unique. As you can tell, we’re diggin’ this one.

MOD84 Specifications

-All Tube circuit ~15w twin EL-84 High Class A Bias AB
-Swart’s first EL-84 amp ~ Push-Pull EL-84 Power!
-Cathode “AUTO” Bias (no need to bias)
-12AX7(2) – 12DW7(1)- EL-84(2) – GZ34 or 5Y3(1)
-Tube Rectification ~ GZ-34/5Y3 for compression/earlier breakup
-Top Mounted Controls for Front/Back Access
-3-Way Interactive EQ Switch
-Tube Reverb via 12DW7 with Spring Tank
-Tube Tremolo with Custom Speed Sweep/Depth
-Hi/Lo Inputs for better PU Output matching
-Hand wired point to point ~ Made in USA
-Standby Switch ~ Warm-up up extends tube life
-Carbon Comp Resistors for BEST TONE
-Teflon covered High Purity Copper Wire
-Mallory, Sprague & JJ Caps, selected for Application
-8ohm Custom Wired Heavy Duty Output Transformer
-Dedicated 2 button foot switch
-Extra Large Rubber Feet for Vibration/Protection
-Solid, finger-jointed Pine Cabinet ~ Vintage Inspired Coverings
-1×12 & 2×10 cab ~ Creamback/Gold/Blue/Options Available
-Dimensions: 26 x 15.5 x 10.5 39lbs

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MOD84 Western



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